How to Prepare the Yummiest Fresh Fruit Salad for your Dog

nuvet,nuvetplus,nuvetlabs,nuvetlabsreviews,nuvetplusreviews,nuvetreviewsYou’ll be hard pressed to find a person who doesn’t love fruit salad. Almost everybody loves it and the great news is you can now have a serving of fruit salad with your favorite four-legged companion. All you have to do is gather a number of easy-to-find ingredients and follow some simple steps in preparing a healthy and scrumptious meal that your puppy is sure to enjoy anytime. You’ll be glad to know that you can enjoy consuming this recipe as much as your puppy would which makes it a perfect snack you and your favorite canine companion can share together. This will definitely save you time and effort!

To top this all, know that this recipe consists of vitamins and minerals essential for your canine’s health. It also contains fiber, which your dog needs for a healthy digestive tract and blackberries, which have a rich concentration of antioxidants essential in fighting free radicals. It is highly suggested to buy and use organic fruits for an extra healthy boost. On the other hand, if you are pressed for time, frozen fruits are also great!


½ cup of yogurt, plain

½ of sliced banana

½ granny smith apple, seeded and cored

¼ cup of fresh strawberries, cut in half

¼ cup of blackberries

Step 1: Prepare the fruits by washing them thoroughly with clean water.

Step 2: Serve the fruit in your canine’s favorite dish.

Step 3: Spoon in yogurt.

Step 4: Watch and be amazed as your dog gobbles the food up!

Step 5: Make another bowl of salad you can enjoy yourself.

This summer time, show you furry friend how much he is loved and adored by taking the time to whip up and prepare this healthy and tasty salad both of you can enjoy. Another perfect way to show your canine companion how much you love him is by making sure that he gets his daily dose of nutritious and quality supplement like NuVet Plus. Made of high quality human-grade ingredients, NuVet Plus has always been the top choice of discerning dog parents.

NuVet Plus is especially formulated for dogs in an FDA approved laboratory, to assure all pet parents everywhere that their dogs only get the best and highest quality of supplements when it comes to their nutrition. Here at NuVet, it’s quite normal for us to read new testimonials from satisfied dog parents who share how happy they are with their dogs’ improvement in vitality since they took NuVet Plus. Aside from that, some pet parents also chronicled how their dogs who manifested signs of allergies and eye health problems found relief in taking NuVet Plus regularly.

Learn more about the other dog owners’ experience about NuVet Plus by taking some time to read NuVet Plus Reviews. These NuVet Reviews are proof just how many dogs quality of life improved by incorporating NuVet Plus in their daily regimen.

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6 Facts About Poodles That Might Surprise You

Thinking of getting a new pet dog for your family? You should consider getting a poodle. Highly intelligent, poodles are easily trained, making them perfect family dogs. They love to have fun, are playful with kids, and friendly with strangers and other dogs. This impressive breed of dogs comes in different sizes, which means there is definitely a poodle suitable for any household size. Beyond that elegant gait and fancy hair-do, poodles have quite a few surprises up their coats.


1.Poodles are skilled hunters and retrievers.

Most people’s impression of poodles is that they are haughty and all prim and proper. They couldn’t be any more wrong. Poodles are very athletic and are talented swimmers. In the past, they were actually used by hunters as a companion when hunting and they fetch game that has fallen into the water.

2.Elvis Presley is a big poodle fan.

Because of their regal appearance, a lot of celebrities prefer poodles as pets. One of the biggest poodle enthusiasts in the entertainment world is none other than the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. His precious poodle was named Champagne. He used to give women in his life poodles as gifts, including his mother and wife.

3.They are considered geniuses in the canine world.

If poodles were humans, they are one of those straight-A students. They are one of smartest canine breeds, coming in second to border collies. Their high intelligence makes them very easy to train. Poodles also like to show off their skills so they are definitely fun to be around.

4. Poodles come in 4 different sizes.

There are 4 sizes available for poodles. The smaller types at 11 inches and 15 inches are called a toy poodle and miniature poodle respectively. They are perfect for small houses or condominium units. Medium poodles can reach 18 inches in height, while the tallest, called the standard poodle, can grow up to 24 inches. With the variety in sizes, it’s easy to find the perfect poodle for you.

5.They are the French people’s most loved dog.

Although believed to have originated from Germany, the poodle breed has been famous in France since way back the 1500s, and was made as the country’s national dog. Poodles are known to French people as “Caniche”.

6.Poodles are blessed with wonderful fur.

Poodles are well-known for their unique coats that poodle lovers style and cut in different fancy ways. Originally, hunters shear certain parts of the poodles’ coats so that they won’t get weighed down when the furs get wet, while still providing their bodies protection against cold.  When left uncut, poodles’ hair will grow into chords. Even with their fluffy coat, they don’t shed that much so they are safe for people with allergies.

Aside from regular grooming, a healthy diet is important to maintain your poodle’s unique fur and to give them their much needed energy. Give them supplements like NuVet Plus to make sure they get the proper nutrients. For more information about NuVet Plus, check out NuVet Plus Reviews to see what other dog owners have to say about the supplement.

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NuVet Labs: 10 Facts About Microchipping Your Dog

Technology has afforded modern day society many life-changing improvements. Once such improvement is the microchip and having the option of getting your dog microchipped. Since microchipping became available to pet owners thousands of dogs have been safely reunited with their families, which is something that sadly would not have happened prior to advent of this great device. Just like NuVet Plus helps to keep dogs healthy, microchips are being used to keep dogs safe. To help explain microchips further we decided to put together a list of some facts to help explain this helpful technology.


  1. A microchip should last the lifetime of your dog.
  2. It is not a tracking device (GPS) – so it cannot tell you the location of your dog should he become lost.
  3. The process of having a microchip inserted is no more painful than a routine vaccination. The microchip comes preloaded in an injectable device that gets inserted between your pup’s shoulder blades.
  4. Anesthesia is not required during insertion because the device the chip comes preloaded in is sterile.
  5. Your dog’s microchip can be inserted at his veterinarian’ s office.
  6. Next time you go to your veterinarian to pick up some NuVet Plus you can also purchase a microchip, if your pooch doesn’t have one already.
  7. A microchip is an RFID, which means that it does not require a battery but a scanner, which when passed over the chip is able to give your pets unique identification number.
  8. Your dog should still wear a collar with identification and other required tags. Remember the microchip requires a scanner and chances are if a good Samaritan finds your pup they aren’t going to have a microchip scanner.
  9. Keep the information on your dog’s microchip up-to-date.
  10. The cost of having a microchip inserted is approximately $45 and includes registration in a database.
  11. Dogs with a microchip have a 51% chance of being reunited with their owner.
  12. An RFID chip is slightly longer than a grain of rice.
  13. Veterinarians, animal control officers, and animal shelters rely on microchipping to get animals home quickly.
  14. Breeders and pet stores often microchip dogs.
  15. The time it takes to implant a microchip in your pooch is the same amount of time it takes to give an injection or vaccination.
  16. Microchipping your pet is considered extremely safe with a low risk of complications.
  17. Not all scanners work with all microchips. Universal scanners are often required, which some shelters do not have. In most instances animal shelters will have different scanners to detect different chips.
  18. Microchips have been known to move or “migrate” away from the original injection site, which makes thorough scanning of the area important.

Just as high quality nutrition and products like NuVet Plus are paving the way in improving canine health and quality of life, microchips are working to ensure that lost and stray animals find their way back home. If you would like to discover how NuVet Plus has helped dogs everywhere, read what their happy parents are saying on NuVet Reviews. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed.

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NuVet Labs: Fido’s Fall Ready Checklist

nuvet,nuvetplus,nuvetreviews,nuvetplusreviews,nuvetlabsreviewsWho says that you have to do all your cleaning and list checking in the spring? Here at NuVet Labs we think that fall is also a perfectly good time to go through your doggie’s environment and supplies to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape and in working order. By doing so, you are ensuring that your pooch has a safe and healthy environment in which to live and play. Keep reading to learn other ways you can make sure your home is dog friendly.

Keep your yard tidy – A thick layer of leaves can cover up materials that can potentially be harmful to your pup like sharp sticks, stones or other debris that can get blown around and covered up during brisk, fall winds. Raking up leaves and other yard waste on a regular basis can keep your yard free of sharp objects and other things your pup might step on that could cause injury.

Make sure your Tulip and other plant bulbs have been completely buried and stored safely – Late summer and early fall are popular times to get those tulip and other bulbs in the ground which later go on to produce beautiful springtime blooms. Unfortunately, if ingested by your pup these bulbs can be harmful, which is why it is important to make sure they are completely buried. Better yet, do your planting away from your pup either by keeping him in the house or in another part of the yard when you are doing your gardening. Dogs that like to dig should be watched when outside to prevent them from potentially digging up your bulbs. If you suspect your dog may have gotten at your flower bulbs, contact your vet.

Stock up on food and supplements – keeping your dog’s food and supplements, like NuVet Plus, on hand and in good supply will prevent you from having to go out in unexpected snow storm or other inclement weather that fall can be notorious for. Nobody likes to dash to their car for an unplanned trip to the pet supply store during a cold rainstorm because Fido is out of his favorite kibble.

Make sure all your doggie supplies are in working order – this includes your pup’s doggie bed. Check to make sure it does not have any holes in it where stuffing can come out and possibly be eaten by your dog. While you’re at it, throw your pup’s bed in the washing machine and give it a good wash. Also, make sure doggie toys are in working order as damaged toys can easily fall apart and be ingested by your dog, which can potentially be harmful. If you notice a few toys that need to be replaced why not add some squeaker toys and bones to Fido’s Santa wish list.

Check your tie-outs and leashes – During the summer months, which can be hot, damp, and dry or a combination of all three summertime weather conditions, it is possible for your dog’s leash and outdoor tie-outs to take a beating. Check for rust and other signs of weather or environmental damage. A rusty leash or tie-out clip can easily break and potentially release your dog, which could lead to your pooch getting out of your yard and even lost.

Add a new healthy habit – The fall is a great time to start a new healthy routine like adding another walk to your dog’s day or beginning a high quality vitamin supplement like NuVet Plus. You and your dog will appreciate feeling healthier and happier.

We hope that you and Fido have found these tips make your life easier. Keeping dogs healthy is our passion at NuVet Labs, which is why we created NuVet Plus. Comprised of human grade ingredients and manufactured in an FDA registered lab our supplements have become the favorite of discerning dog parents everywhere. Dog owners who have witnessed the benefits of NuVet Plus have been eager to share the improvements they have seen. To read what they are saying, please visit NuVet Reviews.

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NuVet Labs: Facts about Bengal Cats

If you like cats and are interested to learn more about them, then we are happy to share with you some interesting things about the Bengal cat. This exotic breed has some interesting ancestry as well as a very special personality. A favorite of many a cat parent, continue reading to learn why the Bengal has brightened up the home of many a cat lover.


1. Bengal cats are exotic. You might be surprised to learn that Bengal cats were created by              breeding the Asian Leopard cats with domestic cats. By the 1980’s the breed was                            perfected and we have the Bengal cat that many cat parents know and love today.

2. Bengals are very active and energetic creatures and constantly like to keep themselves                stimulated and entertained. Investing in a laser pointer and some other cat toys may                    serve you well when it comes to wearing your cat out before she gets into mischief.

3.Bengals come in a variety of colors including brown, orange, rust, buff and ivory. There                 spots also come in a myriad of colors from chocolate and charcoal to rust to name a few.

4. Bengals thrive on a nutritious diet and do well when given a daily supplement like NuVet             Plus feline formula.

5. Unlike many kitties, Bengals love water. They can often be found playing around in the                  shower, sink or wherever they can find some H2O to splash around in.

6. Some Bengals have a unique coat that looks as if it has been tossed with glitter. Don’t be             surprised if they appear to sparkle.

7.Bengals have a reputation for dog-like behavior and have been known to enjoy an                          energizing game of fetch. So if you are on the fence about whether or not you want a cat or        a dog, you might consider a Bengal cat instead.

8. Bengals are fairly large cats. Males can be anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds where females           can be between 8 and 12 pounds. Don’t worry if your Bengal is larger or smaller –                           sometimes they can be outside these  ranges.

9. Don’t be surprised to find things missing around your house if you have a Bengal cat. This           clever breed of feline is known for hiding things that it finds intriguing like jewelry, hair                 elastics and other little bits and bobs.

If after reading this information about the Bengal cat you think this might be the perfect cat for you, the internet can help you learn more about this special kitty. Just as keeping our readers informed is important to us at NuVet, so is providing cat parents with good nutrition, which is why we designed NuVet Plus feline formula. Cat parents everywhere are discovering why the benefits of NuVet Plus. If you would like to learn more about this excellent product and what happy cat parents are saying, visit NuVet Reviews.

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NuVet Labs: 9 Interesting Facts About the Sphynx Cat

If you have ever seen Austin Powers, the hilarious comedy starring Mike Myers playing the duel lead role of Austin Powers and the nefarious Dr. Evil, then you are undoubtedly familiar with Dr. Evil’s show-stealing cat, Mr. Bigglesworth. Some of you may not know but Mr. Bigglesworth hails from a distinctive breed of cat called the sphynx. In an effort to educate our readers on this sweet-natured and often called dog-like cat, NuVet thought we would share with you 9 interesting facts about the sphynx.


1.   Not really exotic

Despite their name and their uncanny resemblance to the cats seen in ancient Egyptian artwork and artifacts, the sphynx actually originated in Canada, which is pretty interesting considering their lack of fur.

2.   Not actually hairless

Even though they appear to be hairless, the sphynx actually has a downy, peach-fuzz like coating covering their body.

3.   Higher maintenance

One might think that because these particular felines lack an abundance of fur that they are much easier to maintain. The opposite is actually the case. The sphynx requires regular bathing to keep it’s skin from getting overly oily, which most sphynx owners will admit can leave a residue on clothes, bedding and furniture. Their ears also require frequent cleaning to prevent waxy buildup. Also, their web-like feet and dexterous claws require cleaning to prevent dirt and other buildup from accumulating.

4.   Good nutrition is necessary to maintain skin health

A high quality supplement like NuVet Plus can provide a sphynx with a valuable source of nutrients to keep its unique skin healthy and looking its best.

5.   Coloring

The color of a sphynx’s cat’s skin is actually the color its fur would be if it had fur.

6.   Heat-seeking

It will probably come as little surprise but the sphynx is partial to warmth and can often be found seeking it out. Computers, heaters and other cozy spots are their favorites. You may even find a sphynx snuggling up under the covers. In colder weather a sphynx will usually appreciate a sweater.

7.   Big eaters

The sphynx has a reputation for having a voracious appetite and loves to eat. This is because the sphynx has a very active metabolism, which causes the cat to become hungry quite often.

8.   Very lovable

Ask any sphynx owner and they will tell you that you won’t find a more lovable, playful cat that enjoys frequent snuggling.

9.   Don’t forget the sunblock

Make sure to stock up on cat-friendly sunblock to help keep your sphynx from getting sunburned. Because it loves to be warm the sphynx can often be found basking in whatever sunny spot they can find. As a result, it is not uncommon for a sphynx to experience sunburn, which can be prevented with good sun protection. Don’t hesitate to consult with your veterinarian when it comes to your kitty and good skin care.

If you are considering opening your heart to a sphynx then you may also consider providing your neat little kitty with a daily, supplement such as NuVet Plus. Comprised of high quality ingredients, many cat owners have discovered the healthy benefits of this high-quality vitamin supplement. If you would like to learn more about what happy cat parents are saying about NuVet Plus, take a look at the NuVet Plus Reviews.

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NuVet Labs: Fun Doggie Friendly Activities for July 2015

nuvet,nuvetreviews,nuvetplus,nuvetlabs,nuvetlabsreviewsSo there’s nobody you would rather spend time with then your four-legged, canine buddy. And with that being the case, maybe you are getting a tad bored with your usual jaunt at the dog park or perhaps your regular stroll on the doggie beach is getting a bit tired? Well, we are happy to tell you there are a lot of fun things you can do with your pooch this July. Keep reading to see if one of these activities is in a town

July 7thPittsburgh, PA: Pup Night at PNC Park

If you and your pup like the Pittsburgh Pirates then why not spend an evening with other dog-loving baseball fans with Pup Night at PNC Park. A part of the money raised through ticket sales goes to local animal shelters. For more information visit:

July 9th – Dana Point, CA: Yappy Hour at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel

If liver-flavored water cocktails are more your speed, then you and Fido are going to love Yappy Hour at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel. While you enjoy refreshing human beverages and hors d’oeuvres your pup will get to enjoy gourmet doggie biscuits in addition to canoodling with other canines. Even better, money raised from this event will go to Canine Companions for Independence. To learn more visit:

July 11th – Denver, Co: Walk, Run & Wag 5k

This event is sponsored by the International Hearing Dog, Inc. whose job it is to train dogs and place them, free of charge, with individuals who require assistance. All dogs come from shelters. This walk-run will raise money to continue this wonderful service.

For more information visit:

July 18th – Ocean Pines, MD: Dog Days of Summer

This event benefits the Worcester County Humane Society. The admission is free and will showcase vendors who specialize in all things dog. Doggie demonstrations as well as the chance to win prizes will be keep this event hopping. Local hotels will even offer reduced-rate rooms for out of town guests.

To learn more:

July 24th – New York, NY: Bark In The Park

If you find yourself in the Big Apple, why not have some fun helping to raise money for the biggest no-kill animal shelter on the planet? You will get to see the Mets play the Dodgers while supporting the North Shore Animal League America.

For more info visit:

Summer can be a super fun time to share special moments with your canine-companion. One way you can keep your pup feeling his best for all fun times is to make sure he is receiving excellent nutrition. NuVet Plus can help. Comprised of human grade ingredients, NuVet Plus is trusted by dog-parents everywhere for providing dogs with what they need. Many dog parents share how NuVet Plus has helped improve the quality of life for their beloved dogs, which you can see in their NuVet Reviews. If you would like to learn more about NuVet Plus, check out the NuVet Reviews.

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Why Are Cats So Calm?

Why Are Cats So Calm?Here on the NuVet Blog a feline loving, 7-year-old recently asked us: “why are cats always socalm?” What a great question we thought. This simple thought led us to ponder even further why cats, in many instances, appear quite calm. We delved a little bit deeper and observed some calm cats to see what keeps these little fur balls so cool and collected. Keep reading to see what we found out.

What keeps a cat calm?

  • A loving home – A loving home is safe and secure and a place where a cat does not feel threatened. Within a loving home a cat will receive plenty of attention and or course, lots of love.
  • A stimulating environment – A stimulating environment consists of plenty of playtime with fun cat toys such as little catnip balls or laser pointer. Cats also enjoy observing the world around them – so a nice window seat or high-up perch where Fluffy can relax will keep kitty mentally active and thus calm and happy.
  • A nutritious diet – By feeding kitty a nutritious diet you can help your feline ball of love maintain good health. And a healthy cat is a much calmer cat.
  • A high quality vitamin supplement – A brand chosen by many cat owners is our NuVet Plus feline formula.
  • A cat buddy – Cats can do pretty well by themselves but if you work or are not home all the time cats can certainly benefit from having a cat pal they can play and socialize with from time to time.
  • A dog buddy – Many cats generally do good with dogs, so if a second cat is not in the cards for your home, you may consider a friend of the canine variety to share your kitty’s space with.
  • Regular veterinary check-ups – Another great way to keep your cat calm is by making sure she is healthy. Seeing the vet at least once a year for routine vaccinations and a thorough check-up will ensure that your favorite feline has a clean bill of health. Many cats are fairly good at hiding when they are ill but an experienced vet will be able to tell if your cat might require some special care.

Keeping your cat calm is almost as easy as providing your cat with a nutritious vitamin supplement.  Trusted by devoted cat parents everywhere, NuVet Plus feline formula is a high-quality vitamin comprised of human-grade ingredients yet especially made for cats.  Made in an FDA approved lab, NuVet Plus is one way you can help assure your beloved pet is receiving the nutrients needed to help keep her healthy. If you would like to learn more about what cat parents everywhere are saying about NuVet Plus, visit the NuVet Reviews

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5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Dog Deal with Fireworks

5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Dog Deal with FireworksWith summer just on the horizon you can pretty much assume that there is going to be some fireworks coming up too. Not just because of the 4th of July holiday but summertime seems to be when fireworks are at their peak usage. Unfortunately, many dogs can be alarmed and fearful of the sharp, abrupt and loud sound that comes with the spectacle of fireworks. If your dog is one of these sensitive pups, then NuVet is here to help with a few things you can do to help your pooch feel more at ease around fireworks.

Be Ready

If you know that a fireworks-filled event is coming to your neighborhood then you might choose to make this an opportunity to head out of town and visit some friends or family – away from the fireworks.  It is not always feasible to get away, especially around the 4th of July but knowing when fireworks will be coming can also help you do some of the following things to help prepare your dog for the noisy festivities.

Create a safe place

Like their distant wolf cousins, dogs are happy to have a den of their own, which is where they feel safe. In many homes, dog parents will choose to have a crate or other space that is just for Fido, which acts like their den. Before the fireworks start blasting, make sure your dog’s special place is safe and secure. This is where you can keep your pooch. It is generally a good idea to shut out as much of the noise as possible by closing windows or placing a thick heavy blanket over your dog’s crate. Maybe even try to procure some harp music to play as dogs have been shown to enjoy harp music. Try and stay calm for Fido. Chances are you might become agitated knowing your pup is going to be uncomfortable. Remember Fido can sense this and you don’t want him to feel any more fear.


You can try to desensitize your pup to the sound of the fireworks by gradually exposing him to the sound on a regular basis. You can locate sound samples of fireworks on the Internet to play around your four-legged friend. Start out with the volume low and gradually increase it to the levels that might be encountered inside your home during a fireworks show. The more you dog is exposed to this sound, the less likely your dog will be negatively impacted by the sound of the fireworks later.

Have Fun

Another great way to get your dog less afraid of fireworks is to create a fun environment during a fireworks display. The best way to do this is to play with your dog and reward him for his jovial behavior. Make sure your dog is in the midst of a good time when you reward him, as we want your pup to make positive associations not negative ones. Petting or giving your pup treats when he is scared will only tell him that fearful behavior is okay.

See your Vet

If you are finding that your pooch is having a very hard time around fireworks to the point where you are concerned, don’t hesitate to see your vet. He or she may prescribe medication to help your dog have an easier time during this particularly noisy activity.

As pet owners NuVet understands that you want your dog to always feel safe and happy. We also know how important it is for you to keep your dog healthy, which is why we bring you NuVet Plus. NuVet Plus is a nutritious vitamin supplement especially designed to meet your dog’s unique dietary needs. NuVet Plus has quickly become the trusted vitamin supplement of dog owners everywhere, which is evident by the wonderful reports we regularly receive from dog parents. To read more on what happy canine families are saying about NuVet Plus, take a look at the NuVet Reviews. Read the NuVet Plus Reviews and see the benefits so many NuVet Plus families have experienced with their pets.

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NuVet Labs: 5 More Hypoallergenic Cats for Cat Allergy Sufferers

NuVet Labs: 5 More Hypoallergenic Cats for Cat Allergy SufferersIn a previous post, we shared with you 5 hypoallergenic cat breeds that cat allergy sufferers may be able to live with. As we mentioned previously, there is no such thing as a non-allergenic cat because the protein that causes cat allergies, called Fel d 1, is present in cat saliva and dander. Essentially, all cats salivate and have skin, which is where the dander comes from. However, we have found some cats, who because of their special fur, may shed a lot less, which prevents the dander from getting into an allergy sufferer’s environment or their bodies produce less of the Fel d 1 protein. Continue reading to learn more. You might find a breed you like!

5 more hypoallergenic cats

Oriental Shorthair

Considered almost dog-like in its behavior, the Oriental Shorthair is called the “rainbow cat” because it comes in over 300 color patterns. They have very short, fine hair that sheds infrequently, which is why less of the Fel d 1 protein gets into the environment. It’s still a good idea to give the Oriental Shorthair a brushing once a week or so – but that’s it.

Devon Rex

Similar to its close relative the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex has a very unique coat that only consists of the downy layer. Most cat fur is comprised of three layers. As a result, there is much less fur containing the Fel d 1 protein being shed and spread around your environment.


Although they aren’t known to produce less Fel d 1 protein, the Bengal cat has a very special, fine coat that requires less work to maintain. As a result, they are not licking their fur as much as a typical cat. As a result, less of the Fel d 1 protein, which is found in their saliva, is getting onto their fur. Additionally, the Bengal cat does not shed as frequently as other cats, which results in less fur, containing the Fel d 1 protein, getting into the environment.

Russian Blue

A large, sleek shorthaired cat, the Russian Blue is mesmerizing in its unique beauty. Better still, is that those with allergies may find the Russian Blue to be the perfect addition to their home. Why? Because the Russian Blue is special in that its body produces less of the Fel d 1 protein, which is the culprit when it comes to causing uncomfortable allergy irritation.


Also known as the “longhaired Siamese”, the Balinese is one of those unique breeds, like the Siberian or Russian Blue, whose bodies produce much less of the Fel d 1 protein that causes so much irritation to allergy sufferers. Although it still sheds, because its body makes less of the Fel d 1 protein, there is less of it in your environment. This truly is a gorgeous, fluffy cat!

What you can do to cut down on cat allergens in your home

  • Brush and groom your cat regularly
  • Vacuum carpets, rugs and other places your cat likes to frequent regularly.
  • Try and visit with one of these cats before bringing one home to see how you do around them. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

If you decide to bring a cat into your home now that your allergies may not be an obstacle, you may also choose to provide your new cat with a nutritious vitamin like NuVet Plus Vitamin Supplement for Cats and Kittens. Trusted by cat owners everywhere, NuVet Plus Vitamin Supplement for Cats and Kittens has become the first choice of discerning cat parents who want to keep their little balls of fur feeling their best. We regularly receive testimonials from happy cat parents who have shared with us how NuVet Plus has helped to ease various health issues their cats have been plagued with. We regularly post these happy testimonials on NuVet Reviews. If you would like to learn more about NuVet Plus Vitamin Supplement for Cats and Kittens, please visit NuVet Reviews.

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