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“I am convinced that NuVet Plus is responsible for Cola now being a healthy, happy, active 14 & 1/2 year old dog!”Jenny Blaney
New York

Welcome to NuVet Plus® Reviews, where we showcase just how much our NuVet Plus® products have helped pets and their owners from all over the world. NuVet Plus® is a powerful supplement designed to give your pet the extra vitamins and minerals that their regular diet is often missing. We spent 8 years thoroughly researching and developing a formula to help combat harmful toxins and bacteria that are found in traditional pet foods so your pet can live a longer and healthier life. We only use human-grade ingredients formulated in an FDA-registered human pharmaceutical laboratory, so you know your furry friend is getting the best that’s out there.

Although NuVet Labs® was founded over 16 years ago, we still delight in reading reviews that inform us of how our products have changed both the pets’ and owners’ lives for the better. After all, if your pet feels better, then chances are you probably will too. We’ve received thousands of letters over the years, and whether it’s allergies, arthritis, shedding or any other condition that our product has helped improve, we still never tire of reading your personal stories.

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