NuVet Labs: 5 Ways to live on A Budget With a Dog

nuvet plus reviewsFor a dog lover on a fixed income or budget the idea of opening up your home to the expense of a pup might seem impossible. Fortunately it could be easier than you think. Here at NuVet we are happy to tell you that by putting a few careful money-saving tips into action you might find it less expensive than you thought to own a lovable canine.


Adopt a mixed breed dog

Many animal experts believe that mixed breed dogs, especially ones that received all of their vaccinations, are healthier because they are free of many of the inherited genetic defects and health problems that seem to plague purebred dogs. As a result, the owner of a mixed-breed dog may not incur the medical expenses that the parents of purebred dogs potentially find themselves facing.


Get pet insurance

Pet insurance comes in handy for those unexpected visits to the vet. Just like with human health insurance, with animal pet insurance you regularly pay a monthly, quarterly or even yearly fee to an approved animal insurance company. Then the next time an unplanned visit to the vet arises; you will most likely only find yourself having to pay a co-pay. This fee will vary by insurance company and the particular plan you may have it is always good to do some thorough research before selecting a pet insurance company right for you.


Look for reduced vaccination programs

If you find yourself struggling to pay for Fido’s vaccinations, don’t despair. You may be able to find reduced-priced vaccination programs through local animal shelters and veterinarians. Don’t be afraid to make a few phone calls or pay a visit or two to a local animal shelter to see if they offer a reduced-priced vaccination program. Remember a dog that adheres to a regular vaccination schedule is a healthier dog and thus less expensive!


Cut coupons

Who says that coupons are just for human stuff? Believe it or not there are plenty of coupons available for a whole slew of dog foods and other dog supplies. The Internet can be very helpful in tracking down great doggie deals. Also, don’t forget to see if your local pet supply store has any customer appreciation programs you can sign up for. The benefits of these can really add up and may even include freebies for your dog.


Make your own puppy treats

The Internet is swarming with tasty doggie treat recipes. There are enough out there to keep your dog in tasty yum-yums for months to come. Treats range from sweet to savory to even nibbles you can share with your dog! Because you will be making the treats yourself, you can spend as much or as little as you want on the ingredients, which can makes them budget friendly.


Become a parent to a smaller dog

If you have your heart set on a Mastiff it might be difficult to realize that you only have a Chihuahua budget. With this in mind, why not consider opening your home and heart to a smaller dog? What they lack in size they certainly make up for (like their larger counterparts) in spirit, loyalty and unconditional love.  Better still, smaller dogs literally require less in the way of food and other material supplies.


Bringing a four-legged fur baby into your life can be one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences for humans, which is why we want you to know that living on a budget doesn’t have to interfere with bringing a dog into your home. Providing your dog with good nutrition doesn’t need to be difficult either, which is why we created NuVet Plus. NuVet Plus is a vitamin supplement comprised of human ingredients and made especially for dogs. NuVet Plus is trusted by dog parents for helping to keep their canine family healthy. Dog parents everywhere have been impressed by the fabulous results they have seen in their dogs. Pups once stiff with arthritis now move easier since beginning a daily regimen of NuVet Plus. Dog’s faced with the discomfort of allergies are no longer irritated and miserable. We love to share these amazing testimonials on NuVet Reviews. If you would like learn more about what happy NuVet Plus puppy parents are saying, please visit NuVet Reviews.

5 tips for Helping Your Dog Learn to Swim and Be More Comfortable in The Water

nuvetreviewsSummer is quickly arriving, and you are probably thinking about all of the fun things you will be able to do with your dog. You’ve probably heard the old adage that all dogs can swim, but it’s not quite true. While most dogs can be trained to learn how to swim, some dog breeds will never be good swimmers. It’s important to understand the limitations of your own dog, and to make sure that your pet is comfortable in the water before you take your pet swimming in the ocean, a lake or your pool.


5 Tips for Helping Your Dog Learn to Swim and Be More Comfortable in the Water

  1. Make the idea of swimming or getting in the water appealing to your dog by going for a nice, long walk first. Like humans, dogs prefer to get wet when they are warm and tired. A dip in the pool might be more refreshing and exciting to your dog if they are in the mood.
  2. When you begin to enter the body of water, don’t rush your dog. If your dog seems uncomfortable, take it slow. If your dog is resisting, do not force your pet. You do not want it to be a negative experience.
  3. Work with a professional dog trainer in order to teach your dog how to swim. A person who has experience in helping dogs swim will be able to teach your dog the right techniques, as well as help you learn the correct commands to use while in the water.
  4. Invest in a life vest for your pet in order to ensure that your dog is safe at all times. Never leave your pet unattended near or in the water.
  5. Consider your dog’s age. It is best to introduce your pet to the water during its early years, as it will likely adjust better. Also, an older dog who has never swam before may not be healthy enough for the activity. Consult with your veterinarian before swimming with your dog.


To keep your pet healthy enough for all of your favorite summer activities, consider adding NuVet Plus to its daily diet. This pet nutritional supplement provides your dog with valuable vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants. In order to find out if this is the right product for your dog, use the NuVet Labs reviews page as a resource. This page is filled with honest feedback and reliable NuVet reviews from other pet parents who have used this product with great results.

Tips to Safely Trim a Dog’s Nails

Clipping a dog’s nails can be a tedious job for many dog owners. While some dogs may willingly oblige, many others are completely resistant. In either case, it’s important to be cautious with your pooch’s nails and following some safety tips may help keep your pet’s paws up to par.

NuVet Plus Reviews

1. A clotting powder is something to have on hand before you begin trimming your dog’s nails. This hopefully will be just a precaution, but if you do end up needing it, you will be happy that it is close by and accessible.

2. Sharp clippers is the first step to dog nail cutting. Sharp clippers allow you to quickly, accurately, and precisely trim nails. Also, a quicker cut may be beneficial when dealing with a fussier dog’s manicure.

3. Avoid cutting the quick in your dog’s nail. The quick is the vein that runs down your pooch’s nail. This can typically be seen in dog’s nails that are light in color, however can be difficult when cutting darker nails. The quick will bleed when cut or nicked and it typically is difficult to stop.

4. If your dog has a dew claw, make sure you trim that as well. These can sometimes get overlooked and become overgrown. After trimming the dew claw, make sure that it is smoothly trimmed and not rough or ragged. While cleaning themselves dogs sometimes use their front leg as a tool. In turn, the dew claw is used as well. If the dew claw is not trimmed properly or is sharp, your dog can scrape their face or cut themselves with it. Filing can help alleviate a rough nail, which leads into the next tip.

5. Filing dog your dog’s nails is another way to help keep them at a comfortable length. Filing has an added bonus as well since it helps smooth the nails, which may help with the scratching of surfaces and your dog’s skin as well.

If your dog is relentless and still won’t allow you to trim their nails, a visit to the vet or groomer may be unavoidable. Either way you choose to care for your pup’s paws, it’s important to maintain their nails regularly as part of their routine care. In addition to nail trimming as part of your pet’s care, consider adding a nutritional supplement from NuVet Labs to your pet’s daily routine. NuVet reviews provide customers shared experiences with these great supplements. Start learning more about the products offered from NuVet Labs and which products may be a match for your pet by reading the NuVet reviews.

Dog Foods and Toxins: How To Choose The Best Dog Food

Pet owners who read NuVet Plus reviews know that not all dog food is created equally. The same way a person’s diet can impact their health and wellbeing, so too can a dog’s. Unfortunately for pet owners, it can be a struggle to read and understand pet information labels, where toxins and other potential ingredients can differ greatly from what people might look for on their own food labels. Here is what pet owners should know about buying healthful and safe food for their four legged family owners.

NuVet Plus Reviews

The Importance of Protein

Protein is a critical part of a dog’s natural diet, and therefore sources of pure, whole protein, such as turkey or beef, should always be clearly labeled on the food ingredient at the front of the list. Similarly, animal fats should be listed at the front of the ingredient list. Dogs can process animal fats better than vegetable oils, making them better for overall health.

The proteins should not be listed as by-products. Although by-products should theoretically be fine and even healthy for dogs, these food processing plant leftovers have been known to sit in containers for days before being picked up and are often not optimally stored.

Vegetables and Grains

Dogs do need vegetables and grains, but some options are better than others. Flaxseed can be fine for most dogs, but some dogs will be sensitive to it, making it important for the pet owner to carefully observe their own pet. Those who read NuVet Labs reviews may have also heard that corn in all its forms is not something that should be in dog food. This ingredient does nothing but make the dog feel full, can make the dog hyper, and can give some dogs allergic reactions. Other fillers should also be avoided. Another vegetable, onions, should also always be avoided as it can cause health problems for many dogs.


Some dog food makers use preservatives to increase their product’s shelf life, such as BHT or BHA. These preservatives, however, have been linked to various types of cancers in dogs. It is far better for the canine companions to get foods that have natural preservatives.

As pet owners who read NuVet reviews know, nutrition can have an big impact on a dog’s quality of life. Take the time to carefully evaluate the different dog food options and find one that works best for the animal on every level.

Tips to Help Stop Your Dog from Chewing

NuVet Plus ReviewsDogs can bring so much joy and happiness to a home. They offer an unconditional love full of wet noses and warm cuddles. But with all of the wonderful things a dog can bring to a home, having a dog that chews when they should not, can be difficult to manage. Here are a few tips to help curb your dog’s chewing.



Consider your dog’s age. Puppies do tend to chew as part of their nature. Along with that though, is the opportunity for you to train them while they are young. Although it is considered a habit of most little pups, it is a habit that needs to be broken after that puppy stage has passed. Encourage chewing on only the items that have been designated to them. Make sure items are puppy friendly as well; those little teeth can sometimes be quite destructive making non-chew toys sometimes hazardous.

Anxiety and Boredom

Many times older dogs chew from mere boredom and other times, it can be from separation. Dogs can get lonely, anxious, and nervous when left alone and act out by chewing. Unfortunately, when this happens, they don’t always chew their own toys. It’s hard coming home to find a feather pillow or your favorite shirt in small, individual pieces around the house. It’s a mess and it can be discouraging for any seasoned pet owner. One way to help curb this behavior is to make sure your pet is taken care of before you leave him or her alone. This may involve making sure they have had a good, long walk and are properly fed. Think about adding a nutritional supplement from NuVet Labs to your dog’s daily routine. You may read multiple NuVet reviews to hear about what other customers think about NuVet Labs’ products.


Simple as it sounds, this can be trickier than it seems, even for the most experienced of dog owners. Take a look around your home for things that your pet could easily be tempted by. Close doors that are not needed to be opened and remove any items that you couldn’t bear being chewed. Know that this may not always work. Dogs have a way of finding things that you may have never even thought of as a chew toy so try to be proactive and look at all the items around your home. Especially look for items that may pose a danger to your pet’s health and make sure those items are not accessible.


Along with removing items, make sure you leave plenty of dog-friendly chew toys for your pooch. This may provide them with a good alternative to what they initially may have been eyeing. Another option to try is to place small dog treats around your home. This could be a trail back to their bed to rest or a path to deter your pup from an area you want them to avoid. Either way, the intent is to provide your pet with an alternative to the lovely throw pillow on your couch.


Breaking the pattern of chewing can be a tedious habit to break. However with patience and well, more patience, it can be done. Remember to keep your pet healthy. Frequent exercise for your dog can help alleviate some of the anxieties and energy. Maintain a healthy diet and consider adding a nutrition supplement from NuVet Labs. Read more about their products at NuVet reviews.

Trick-or-Treat, What Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

It’s almost that time of year again: the time of door-to-door candy collecting and negotiations with your children as to why they can not have just one more piece of candy before dinner. Halloween is a fun holiday for everyone. The children, for obvious reasons, fully enjoy it but adults, and pets alike, can also have a great time as well. There is something nostalgic about taking the kids trick or treating, even on the rainy, cold and dreary days that sometimes fall upon Halloween. In addition to your people family, your pet may be included in the fun as well. Depending on your individual dog and their tolerance, they too may join in some of the walking around and costume wearing fun. While it’s great to include your pet in your family’s fun, it’s also very important to keep a close eye on your pet to ensure their health and safety during Halloween.

You make an effort all year to maintain a healthy diet for your pet. You may also consider including a nutritional supplement from NuVet Labs in your dog’s diet. You can start reading about NuVet Labs and the supplements they offer by looking at several NuVet reviews. While you make efforts to ensure your pet’s health, there are many foods that your dog should never eat. We are going to focus on two specific foods that may be more likely to be in your home during Halloween.

Chocolate – Chocolate has been long known to be very unhealthy for dogs. Chocolate contains chemicals and ingredients that can cause anything from vomiting and diarrhea and even death.

Raisins – Raisins, as well as grapes, should never be given to your dog. Raisins, like chocolate, can also lead to intestinal problems such as vomiting and diarrhea, but they can also cause kidney problems and even kidney failure in your dog, or even death.

Many Halloween treats contain chocolate and/or raisins. It’s especially important to always, always keep these food items, and any other foods that your dog should not ingest, away from your pooch.

Keep Away

Make sure candy is not left out on the floor, or on a counter, table or chair that your dog can access. Kids tend to leave candy laying around after they sort their loot and that can mean big temptation for your dog. Always make sure you place foods that your pet needs to stay away from in a container, in an unreachable place for your dog. Teach your children to keep these, and all other items away from your dog. Maintain a healthy diet or your dog and and offer them only pet-friendly treats. Consider adding a nutritional supplement to your dog’s daily routine from NuVet Labs. Check out the NuVet reviews from fellow NuVet Labs customers to learn more.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Once considered just a children’s holiday, Halloween has grown over the years into a festive night for all ages – and species! Including your pet in the fun is a great way to celebrate Halloween, as long as you take some simple precautions to make sure your furry friend stays safe.

  • Check that your pet’s identification tag and microchip are up-to-date and that the tag is securely attached to the collar he’s wearing. With doors opening all day long, the chance of a cat or dog getting lost increases on Halloween.
  • If your pet is prone to darting through open doors, keep him in another room behind a secure barrier during trick-or-treat hours. This is also a good rule of thumb if your dog or cat doesn’t respond well to strangers. You’ll avoid the risk of bites, as well as the stress that having scores of noisy people in odd costumes puts on your pet.
  • Only dress up a cat or dog that enjoys it. If a costume causes a change in behavior or obvious attempts to remove the apparel, opt for a festive collar or bandana instead.
  • Do not share human treats with your pet. If you have kids, or your pet is interacting with neighborhood children on Halloween, keep a close eye on what they give to him. Chocolate and the sweetener xylitol are toxic to cats and dogs, not to mention the damage a candy wrapper can cause internally.
  • Keep pets away from lit jack o’ lanterns and exposed cords and wires attached to decorations. The ASPCA notes that curious, playful kittens are especially prone to burns.
  • The Animal Poison Control Center warns against having glow sticks and jewelry around pets, especially cats. Easily punctured, the fluorescent material inside can cause stomach pain, mouth irritation, and excessive drooling.
  • Be mindful of pranks involving pets around Halloween. Avoid theft or injury – intentional or otherwise – by keeping your pet inside when you are away from the house. Even outdoor cats should be monitored more closely, especially black cats.

NuVet Plus Reviews

Keeping your pet safe is a year-round responsibility. One way to protect your pet is with NuVet Plus. The supplement provides various health benefits, as recounted on the NuVet Labs reviews page. Read the NuVet reviews for lots of treats (no tricks) for your cat or dog.

How to Ease Your Dog’s Fear of Loud Noises

Your dog is your companion, playmate and sometimes protector. There are other times, though, when you have to protect your dog. If your dog is afraid of loud noises – like thunder, fireworks, car sounds, door slams or even wind – treatment through distraction, desensitization, medication or a combination of these may ease his fears and lessen the stress on both of you.

Understand the Cause

Knowing why your dog is afraid of a noise may help you effectively treat him. Some dog breeds are inclined to loud noise phobias, mainly herding varieties, either out of a genetic predisposition or from more acute hearing. If your dog is one of these breeds, be on the lookout for potential adverse reactions to noise so you can ease the fear before it takes over.

Other phobias arise from bad experiences, like being stuck outside during a thunderstorm or having his tail clipped accidentally by a vacuum. An affected dog may always associate loud pops, or even just the change in weather, with fear and abandonment, or the sound of a vacuum with pain.

Treatment Options

If your dog starts to exhibit fear towards a particular noise, for instance thunderstorms, by showing more than a passing interest in it, make a positive association with the sound. When rain falls, start playing with his favorite toy. If his attention drifts toward the lightning or thunder as it begins, work on obedience commands he knows well, overly praising and treating him.

Provide a safe place for a dog with a fully developed noise phobia. If he normally hides under your bed or in the bathroom when you vacuum or fireworks go off, make that location a comfy, preferably sound-proofed, spot with his favorite toys, treats or food. Even if you’re out of the house when the noise occurs, your dog will have a safe place to go.

Behavior modification is a method of desensitizing your dog to the noise he fears. The process is complicated, with the potential to cause more harm if done wrong, and therefore best done under the supervision of a professional. Your veterinarian may recommend medication if all else fails.

nuvet plus reviews

A healthy dog also benefits from a supplement like NuVet Plus, as evidenced by numerous NuVet Labs reviews. Visit the NuVet reviews page to learn how the supplement can help your dog.

Strange Pet Holidays

Pets are there for you every day with affection and unconditional love. While you might remember them during the holiday season, you might not have realized the number of strange animal holidays that fall throughout the year, which make for great excuses to celebrate your four legged friend even more. Use resources such as NuVet Labs reviews to learn more about your pets’ diets and plan them the perfect meal and put the finishing touches some great pet traditions. Here are a few strange pet holidays to get started with.

Cook for Your Pets Day – November 1

Cooking for the four legged members of your household can be a fantastic way to let them know how much they are loved and appreciated. This holiday is dedicated to promoting some good old-fashioned home cooking and to show pet owners how simple and rewarding it can be to prepare fresh food for your pets. Cooking for your pets does not have to be complicated. Do a little basic research about foods to avoid, and celebrate your pets with a little something extra this November. NuVet Plus reviews are also excellent resources for learning more about the ideal diet for your pet. Adding a natural supplement like NuVet Plus to your pet’s diet can help ensure they are receiving all the necessary nutrients that are not available in most foods.


Take Your Dog to Work Day – June 20

Take Your Dog to Work Day is organized with the intention of promoting pet adoption. As someone who has already welcomed a furry friend into your home, you already know the joy and value that a pet can bring to your life. Spread that joy to others in your workplace by organizing a Take Your Dog to Work Day with your boss or those in human resources. The organizers provide information for those interested to give to their work establishments to answer questions and promote the idea.

National Scoop the Poop Week – April 1-7 or April 24-30

Despite the prevalence of signs about the importance of picking up after pets, it seems as though many dog owners have yet to get the message. These designated weeks are set aside to promote the importance of cleaning up after your canine companion. The potential environmental damage of dog poop, such as the waste run-off it generates, can adversely impact a variety of ecosystems. Celebrate this holiday by proudly bringing out your pooper-scooper and encouraging all the other pet owners you know to do the same.

When it comes to celebrating your pet, you already use all the traditional tricks. You read NuVet reviews to make sure your furry companion has optimal nutrition and you buy them a special treat during the holiday season. Take advantage of some of these strange, but enjoyable pet holidays to find even more ways to love and cherish your pets.

What to Do If Your Dog Bites Somebody

No one wants to deal with a dog bite scenario. However, whether your dog is at fault, or whether he was provoked, there are a few things you must do if your dog bites someone. Taking the following steps will protect you and your dog, and help everyone involved recover from the incident.

Seek Medical Care

The most important thing you should do if your dog bites someone, is to obtain medical care for the person or animal that was bitten. You may also need to obtain medical care for your own dog; there are many cases where a dog is attacked and bites in self-defense. Make sure everyone is properly treated after the incident to cut down on problems later.

Obtain Witness Statements

When a bite happens, this may be the last thing you think of at the time of the incident. Everyone may leave the scene amicably, with promises that everything is alright. However, situations and feelings can change, and you may find yourself facing a lawsuit. Obtain witness statements on the scene to protect yourself and your dog.

Contact Your Insurance Company

You should also contact your insurance company right away to find out what your rights and options are. You will likely be responsible for the medical expenses of the person or animal that your dog bit, so you will also want to find out what your coverage amounts are.

Contact Local Authorities

Depending upon who your dog bit, and the circumstances surrounding the event, it’s generally a good idea to contact local law enforcement agencies. An officer can come out and take statements from all parties that were involved. This can protect you and your dog later if a legal situation arises from the incident.

Contact an Attorney

Again, depending upon the circumstances, you may wish to contact an attorney. Even if the other party has not threatened litigation, contacting an attorney can help you protect your rights under the law, and protect your dog. In addition, you will have an attorney on hand should you be facing a court date.

NuVet Labs cares about the health and safety of your dog. For this reason, we offer a full line of dietary supplements to meet the needs of every dog. For more information on NuVet Plus, including NuVet Plus reviews and NuVet Labs reviews, visit us online. You can also place an order for the right supplement to keep your dog happy and healthy.