5 Simple Tips to Curb Your Dog’s Excessive Barking


1.      Determine why Fido is barking.

There is an underlying reason as to why Fido is barking and you have to find it out. He may be feeling out of place, is hurt, or he may be telling you a message. You’ll need to be patient and observant so you can determine what your puppy’s behavior is telling you.

2.      Use sound.

Your dog may be barking because of some frightening sound he hears in his environment including other people’s voice or other dogs barking around. Block these out by using music that will make him calm down. You can also use his favorite cartoon show like Scooby Doo so his focus will be taken away from the noise.

3.      Remove the stimulus.

Your dog may be barking because he is getting a view of other dogs passing by your house through your windows. If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to put some curtains or blinds. You also have the option of keeping your dog out of the problem room. In addition, you can keep him out of the places where he’s not allowed through the gates of your home. If your dog’s reason for barking is loneliness due to being isolated, maybe it’s time you bring him to doggie daycare or get him a new friend.

4.      Evaluate your own expectations.

You may have brought your dog home because he is super cute and you’re thinking and hoping that he will play with the kids when they’re awake and in the mood for playing and sleep for the rest of the day. But your expectations may not be met.

Let us tell you a story. Fido started barking all night long when everybody was in their bed sleeping. Fido was bored and feeling anxious and what he wanted to do is spend time with his dog parents and family. So when he woke everyone up and his family can’t handle his excessive barking any longer, he was let out in the backyard even if it’s still the middle of the night. He barked restlessly awakening the entire neighborhood. The results were a sleep-deprived and angry family and sleep-deprived and really unhappy neighbors. Because of this, Fido’s family is considering getting rid of him.

From this story, we learn that if you don’t have the time to spend with a dog and you can’t give Fido the attention he needs from you, then don’t adopt him just because he’s cute. You’ll only do more harm than good so be sure to have realistic expectations when adopting a pup.

  5.    Ask for help from a professional.

If all else fails, seek the help of a professional in dealing with your dog’s disappointing behavior. Dog trainers are experts in this field and will be happy to work with you and Fido. Ask around from dog loving families and friends or inquire from local pet stores. They may know reliable dog trainers and can recommend them to you.

Important Note on Bark Collars

Bark collars do not work for the following reasons.

  • Dogs build a resistance to the shock induced by bark collars or to the squirt coming from the collars’ citronella. When you remove the collar to start training Fido using treats as reinforcement, you may have a hard time due to his motivation threshold being higher than normal.
  • Bark collars do not address the reasons why your dog may be barking, including boredom, loneliness, anxiety, and others.
  •  When other dogs in the area bark loudly, it can cause the collar to squirt citronella or shock your dog. When you speak loudly or when you shout, it can also do the same thing, which doesn’t benefit your dog in any way.


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