6 Facts About Poodles That Might Surprise You

Thinking of getting a new pet dog for your family? You should consider getting a poodle. Highly intelligent, poodles are easily trained, making them perfect family dogs. They love to have fun, are playful with kids, and friendly with strangers and other dogs. This impressive breed of dogs comes in different sizes, which means there is definitely a poodle suitable for any household size. Beyond that elegant gait and fancy hair-do, poodles have quite a few surprises up their coats.


1.Poodles are skilled hunters and retrievers.

Most people’s impression of poodles is that they are haughty and all prim and proper. They couldn’t be any more wrong. Poodles are very athletic and are talented swimmers. In the past, they were actually used by hunters as a companion when hunting and they fetch game that has fallen into the water.

2.Elvis Presley is a big poodle fan.

Because of their regal appearance, a lot of celebrities prefer poodles as pets. One of the biggest poodle enthusiasts in the entertainment world is none other than the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. His precious poodle was named Champagne. He used to give women in his life poodles as gifts, including his mother and wife.

3.They are considered geniuses in the canine world.

If poodles were humans, they are one of those straight-A students. They are one of smartest canine breeds, coming in second to border collies. Their high intelligence makes them very easy to train. Poodles also like to show off their skills so they are definitely fun to be around.

4. Poodles come in 4 different sizes.

There are 4 sizes available for poodles. The smaller types at 11 inches and 15 inches are called a toy poodle and miniature poodle respectively. They are perfect for small houses or condominium units. Medium poodles can reach 18 inches in height, while the tallest, called the standard poodle, can grow up to 24 inches. With the variety in sizes, it’s easy to find the perfect poodle for you.

5.They are the French people’s most loved dog.

Although believed to have originated from Germany, the poodle breed has been famous in France since way back the 1500s, and was made as the country’s national dog. Poodles are known to French people as “Caniche”.

6.Poodles are blessed with wonderful fur.

Poodles are well-known for their unique coats that poodle lovers style and cut in different fancy ways. Originally, hunters shear certain parts of the poodles’ coats so that they won’t get weighed down when the furs get wet, while still providing their bodies protection against cold.  When left uncut, poodles’ hair will grow into chords.




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