Caring For Your Aging Dog

Many of us pet lovers know what it’s like to have a dog that inevitably gets old. Their lifespan is so much shorter than ours that some people experience it several times in a lifetime. When your dog becomes elderly, it is a time to realize that your time together is limited and make the very best of it. Dogs become part of our families, so with that in mind, here are some things you can do to to care for your elderly dog with love.

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One thing dogs and people have in common is that getting old can be challenging. We’re both prone to all sorts of conditions more frequently as we age. Many people love to sleep with their pets. While a young small dog can jump up on a bed without a problem, an older small dog probably won’t be quite as agile. You can actually buy stairs that lead up to your bed so your little friend can always get on the bed and have a nap. Make it a point to spend more time petting and doing things your dog likes. This will comfort him/her through the trials of aging and reduce your stress levels as well. Dogs love routines. They know what time you are going to arrive home every day before they ever hear you car in the driveway. Greet them as lovingly as they greet you when return home. Make the absolute best of this time, because these times are what you remember when your furry friend heads over the rainbow bridge.


You may not be able to teach an old dog a new trick but it doesn’t mean they can’t play and have fun. If your furry friend still enjoys walks, keep them going. This can actually ease the discomfort of aging that dogs experience by keeping them from getting stiff due to inactivity. Take him/her to a dog park, throw a ball around, or any game your dog enjoys. Older dogs don’t lose their love for a good game of fetch so play regularly.


As dogs get older their nutritional needs change as well. Find a good dog food made for seniors that your vet recommends.  There are also supplements for dogs that taste like treats and help keep your old friend healthy.

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