Cat Misconceptions And The Truth Behind Them

There are many misconceptions about cats that some cat parents want to clarify.

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Babies’ Breath are Stolen by Cats

There is a tale that cats are stealing the breath of babies because they are related to witches and this make cat parents and new moms threatened. The truth is, cats do not steal infant’s breath. They simply want to cuddle with your baby, that’s why they try to get too close to the nose or mouth of your baby. Always look after your baby anyway if your cat keeps on doing this, especially if you are not comfortable with it.

Cats are Afraid of Water

This myth is certainly not true because there are cats that enjoy taking a bath or playing with water. Breeds like the Turkish Van love playing in water. The reason why cats seem to be afraid in immersing themselves in water is their inability to adapt to it. In fact, large cats also love to fish and play in lakes or streams.

Cats are Into Cow’s Milk

This misconception is not true. Kittens must get their milk from their mother cat before weaning. When weaned, kittens can eat solid food and milk is not necessary anymore. Most cats are lactose intolerant so when they consume some milk, they may experience problems. Fresh water will always go well with cats.

There are No Male Calico Cats

Actually, calico pattern is dictated by the X chromosome. This is why most calico cats are female. However, there are still chances that male calico cats will be born. Thus, this cat misconception is not true.

Declawing is Only Trimming of Nails

Declawing is definitely not equal to nail trimming. This procedure is a surgery and permanent. Some cat parents declaw their cats to prevent clawing of furniture. This behavior of cats is actually their way to trim their own nails, to mark their territory, and to stretch. You can prevent this by training your cat so there is no need to declaw. Declawing may also cause complications and problems with joints and behavior of your cat.

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