Choosing the Right Puppy for Your Family

In the movies, bringing a new puppy home often seems like a spontaneous and idyllic moment that families share together. But in reality, adding a puppy to your family is like deciding to have another child. You will want to take the necessary time and steps to decide if this is truly the right time for a furry addition to your family. If you know that now is the perfect time to bring a puppy home, the next step is finding the right puppy for your family dynamic. These tips will help you as you make this exciting and important decision.

Tips for Choosing the Right Puppy for Your Family

  • Consider your current living situation and the space that you call home. If you and your family are city dwellers who live in a small apartment, consider the size of your home and the outdoor space you have available before you decide on a puppy. Perhaps a smaller breed is the best choice for your family. Families who have larger homes with ample room to run around may find that a large breed dog is best.
  • Think about the things that you like to do together as a family. If your children love to practice their favorite sports activity in the yard, an active dog may be a great choice. However, if you and your family would rather spend your days inside reading a good book, a docile dog that prefers to snuggle would be better suited.
  • Evaluate the personality types of each family member and try to identify the type of temperament you would like in a new puppy. If you have kids that are shy and reserved, it would not be wise to get an outgoing dog. Instead, find a breed with an equally cautious temperament so that it will match the family dynamic.

Once you have decided what type of puppy is right for your family, you should begin your search as soon as possible. You will be thrilled to have a new addition playing around the yard. At that point, it will be time to make more equally important decisions, such as those regarding the health and welfare of your new pup.

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