Five New Facts about Your Dog that You Should Know

Most of us would agree that dogs are one of the most adorable creatures in the world. They have interesting characteristics that makes them special. Are you curious to know about these qualities?

NuVet Reviews1.      Dogs respond well to our emotions.

Have you ever experienced your dog resting on your lap every time you feel sad? Does he hide out of your sight when you are mad? Dogs can sense what we feel, thus they are able to respond accordingly. Science doesn’t have an explanation for this yet, but there is strong proof that exists to prove their empathy.

2.      Trained dogs are almost as smart as a 2-year old kid

Yes, you heard it right. In fact, they can comprehend about 160 words. They like simple and concise words as compared to the ones who have more than one syllable. If you want to teach your dog some words, you need to be patient and consistent.

3.      Dogs can actually smell if someone is afraid.

Everyone knows about how sharp a dog’s sense of smell can be, but did you know that it is possible for them to know when you are afraid? This is due to some hormones being produced when someone is scared. Experts say that the dog’s sense of smell is thousands greater than that of the average person.  Their ability to detect chemical changes in humans has been a useful tool for those who suffer from many conditions.

4.      Dogs find great joy in food.

Dogs devour the food that we prepared for them in a matter of minutes after we have given it. Apparently, they love eating as much as we do. They are willing to risk being reprimanded rather than to leave food untouched. They also have this mannerism of waiting for you to look away first before proceeding to eat the meal.

5.      Dogs are not huggers.

Dogs interpret hugs as a threat to their safety. As a result, they feel uneasy every time someone tries to give them a hug. They can tolerate it, but the chances are small that they will appreciate it. Observe their reaction when you try to give them a quick hug, you will be astonished.