Facts about Bengal Cats

If you like cats and are interested to learn more about them, then we are happy to share with you some interesting things about the Bengal cat. This exotic breed has some interesting ancestry as well as a very special personality. A favorite of many a cat parent, continue reading to learn why the Bengal has brightened up the home of many a cat lover.


1. Bengal cats are exotic. You might be surprised to learn that Bengal cats were created by              breeding the Asian Leopard cats with domestic cats. By the 1980’s the breed was                            perfected and we have the Bengal cat that many cat parents know and love today.

2. Bengals are very active and energetic creatures and constantly like to keep themselves                stimulated and entertained. Investing in a laser pointer and some other cat toys may                    serve you well when it comes to wearing your cat out before she gets into mischief.

3.Bengals come in a variety of colors including brown, orange, rust, buff and ivory. There                 spots also come in a myriad of colors from chocolate and charcoal to rust to name a few.

4. Bengals thrive on a nutritious diet and do well when given a daily supplement .

5. Unlike many kitties, Bengals love water. They can often be found playing around in the                  shower, sink or wherever they can find some H2O to splash around in.

6. Some Bengals have a unique coat that looks as if it has been tossed with glitter. Don’t be             surprised if they appear to sparkle.

7.Bengals have a reputation for dog-like behavior and have been known to enjoy an                          energizing game of fetch. So if you are on the fence about whether or not you want a cat or        a dog, you might consider a Bengal cat instead.

8. Bengals are fairly large cats. Males can be anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds where females           can be between 8 and 12 pounds. Don’t worry if your Bengal is larger or smaller –                           sometimes they can be outside these  ranges.

9. Don’t be surprised to find things missing around your house if you have a Bengal cat. This           clever breed of feline is known for hiding things that it finds intriguing like jewelry, hair                 elastics and other little bits and bobs.

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