5 Dog Breeds To Consider If You Live In A Small Home

Dogs can sometimes surprise you with their ability to grow. That pretty puppy you pick up from the pound may not stay that way for long! If you have a small house, then you will likely do better with a small dog. Here are five of the best breeds for you.

The Dachshund

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If you are looking for a best friend, the dachshund is an excellent small dog breed that is known for its loyalty. Although you may not want to invest in this breed if you have small children, the dachshund is a great pick for singles in big cities, as they were originally bred as watchdogs. The dachshund will keep you busy, as it is very adventurous, so be sure that you try to reduce the dirty crevices in your home!

Dachshunds have a unique look with an extended body and floppy ears that is quite unique and is a favorite among leagues.

The Bichon Frise

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The Bichon Frise is a great small breed with the exquisite, puffy coat of a poodle and the soft demeanor of a Shih Tzu. Unlike the dachshund that may attempt to bully small children, the Bichon Frise is actually well known as a companion of small kids. The dog is very easy to train as well and gets along with other animals, including cats. It is an active dog and will keep the energy in your home high with its lively attitude.

The Pekingese

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The Pekingese is the closest that you can get to a small dog pug look without going completely pug. This is an aggressive breed, so it does the job as a watchdog, but do not choose this breed for small houses with children. If you have other pets in the home, you may also need to look to another breed first! You will get to know your Pekingese very well, as its thick undercoat requires daily maintenance; otherwise, you will find your small house completely covered with hair. Its slightly aggressive nature and shedding tendencies aside, however, the Pekingese is a great small dog breed for singles or newlyweds who plan to stay a childless couple for a while.

The Skye Terrier

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If you want a constant companion that you can take outdoors, then the Skye Terrier is the perfect small dog for you. Its long hair gives it a look of chivalry that dog competitions love, so many singles will choose these dogs in order to compete them. The Skye is also a very dependable dog that loves people but hates cats in general. It is perhaps the best breed on this list for bikers, runners and soccer moms walking small children around the neighborhood.

The Maltese

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The Maltese is an easily maintained small dog. It does not shed, and it generally gets along with adults, small children and other pets that you may have. The easy maintenance ends, however, when you try to leave this breed alone for too long. Bred as a companion dog, it will start to exhibit nervous behavior if it is left in the house for too long by itself.