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Our NuVet Plus® reviews come in from all over the country with mentions of all different breeds of dogs. From Bichons to Bulldogs, NuVet Plus® has been a part of many amazing success stories that we love sharing with our potential and current customers. Often times the person sending the review will include before and after pictures, which really highlight how much NuVet Plus® is helping (we also love seeing your pets’ furry faces)!

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“Two and a half years ago I sat crying in the vet’s office, the vet informed me that my two female cocker spaniels needed to be put to sleep soon… I searched the internet for help and found Nuvet. My 16 year old now runs around the house, follows me up and down the stairs, can see better, and seems happy. My 8 year old is off all meds… and acts like her old self. The vet cannot believe they are the same dogs and jokes how I replaced them. Now all I ask is for you to make it for people!”

Beth Aguiar

“I have a beautiful black/tan 4 year old longhair dachshund named Zulu (from South Africa). A couple of weeks ago he somehow hurt his back and could hardly walk or go up and down the stairs. I had to carry him everywhere. He is our fifth dachshund and the first time we have had any problems with the back (they are prone to have back problems). I am not into the steroid shots that the vets give for this and do not have the funds for surgery or believe in that either. I did have some NuJoint Plus and started giving him one in the morning and one in the evening…In addition, I ordered some more NuVet Plus for him. Each day I saw a bit of improvement in his mobility. After one week (and the NuVet Plus arrived) he was walking around and going up and down the stairs carefully and slowly. It has been a week and a half and he is bounding up and down the stairs and running in the backyard and going for his walks again. I am still being very careful with him and will continue the twice a day for a couple of more weeks and then once a day. I am grateful for the natural…and bring him back to his old self. This was also a lot less expensive that taking him to a Vet. This is truly a wonderful product!!”

Alicia Cluff

“In February of this year my dog Ollie, a Shih Tzu… My new dog groomer suggested I try NuVet. I started him on it in March…  He is 12 years old and has more energy now than he has had in the last 5 years. He loves taking the tablet and waits every morning for it. Thank you for giving him his life back. I have recommended it to several friends, and I know 2 of them have started using it for their dogs.”

Judith Stuchell
Centennial, CO

“Back in December of 2011 our dog…was unable to get up and was panting excessively… She could barely get up. Needless to say, I was heartbroken. The entire month of December and January she continued to suffer issues with her mobility. Moments her back legs would go out, and then on occasion her front legs would begin to drag. I still recall to this day when chatting with my wife, “Daisy’s best days are behind her. We have to make her last days as comfortable as possible.” I even had friends tell me if she continues to suffer, I should really consider euthanizing her. It was the worst holiday season for both my wife and I.February came along with no real improvement, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I began to search on the Internet for some possible remedy, and came across NuVet. After reading the extraordinary testimonies I was amazed, skeptical, but amazed. I began to do my own research and noticed that many reputable vets and dog breeders all raved about NuVet. Like I said, I had nothing lose. I began Daisy on the recommended high dosages of NuVet. Within 2 weeks we witnessed extraordinary improvements…So to make a long story short, it’s been nearly a year since that horrible episode in Daisy’s life. She is like a new dog! …can easily run circles around us when we take her on some long hikes. I was wrong; her best days are not behind her. She continues to live in her best days. She will be 12 in January. Thank you NuVet! I have already started on her NuVet Joint… I am amazed when people see her and think she’s a puppy!”

Alex Nagy

“Cola is a mixed breed: half Yellow Lab, half White German Shepherd. I took her in when she was 12 years old in June of 2007. Her owners had gotten her as a 6 week old puppy and had had her ever since. However they were no longer willing to keep her because she shed hair all over the house. She was very thin and also lethargic…I added NuVet Plus to her regimen to boost her immune system. My vet explained at that time that with…good supportive care and lots of TLC we may buy Cola another year of quality life.
In October of 2007, I took a chance and had Cola spayed. She was off antibiotics by then, not shedding as much and not as lethargic. I boosted her NuVet Plus and continued with several small meals a day and lots of TLC.It is now October of ’09, Cola’s weight is normally for her size – about 65 lbs. She runs and plays, jumps up on my bed to sleep at night and has a beautiful soft hair coat. She loves her NuVet Plus every day… and my vet now thinks she could have a couple more years of quality life!I am convinced that NuVet Plus is responsible for Cola now being a healthy, happy, active 14 & 1/12 year old dog!”

Jenny Blaney
New York

“Maggie, my lab mix, was having trouble walking and getting into the car. She was also overweight and nothing we did seemed to help. Our groomer recommended NuVet for her and the difference has been incredible. She now runs and plays and jumps and has even lost 7 pounds. She is feeling so much better these days. Thank you so much.”

Paula Trehey


“I have a shepherd mix who is going on 16 years next month. She is in remarkable health, with the exception that about a year ago, she started leaking urine in her sleep. I found your product online and found that when I give her your product, the incontinence stops almost immediately. If I run out of your product and she misses it for a few days, the incontinence starts again. I recommend NuVet Plus Canine for anyone with a senior dog who is having trouble with incontinence problems.”

Jeff Wells

“After several months of visiting the animal shelter searching for a dog, I finally found our little Sophie. From what the shelter employees could tell, she was approximately four months old and a Maltese mix of some sort. She was the cutest little bundle of white fur, and I couldn’t believe my luck in finding her there!Right away I found Sophie had a very delicate digestive system…I was quite careful about the way I fed her and tried many different dog foods without much success. Unfortunately, her problems continued to worsen, and I thought I’d need to take her to the vet…I found a recurring theme; there was a product people were using that actually helped their dogs. Nuvet vitamins kept coming up in the comments from people searching… Of course my skepticism kept me searching until I’d found enough evidence that this was valid. I made sure of the sources I was reading from, and that it wasn’t just a company trying to sell their product… I knew well enough that if I did take Sophie to the vet, I would run into the same issue, and I did not have the money to go that route. Not to mention that I did not want Sophie on medications. I wanted to find a healthy alternative for her delicate little body to function properly. I finally found a natural dog food she could handle well, and along with the Nuvet vitamins every day, she is doing amazingly well!!!I would not say Sophie is ‘cured’ because if I didn’t take good care of her the way I’ve mentioned above, she would easily exhibit the symptoms again. But she is absolutely stable and healthy! I can’t thank you enough for this product. It has not only saved me a lot of money in veterinarian bills, but most importantly, I have a happy, healthy dog again!”

Kimberly McKibben

“NuVet Plus and NuJoint are amazing products… The NuJoint was very helpful …She passed away last year, but I feel that the combination of products DID in fact help deter the inevitable for her. I will always use this product, there is NO better out there…ever.”

Teresa Kryzhanovskyi
New York

“First I wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I am the proud owner of an American Bulldog, who at 7 weeks of age… I started him on your vitamins upon his arrival home. Our vet cannot believe how healthy this guy is. She also said she expects him to reach at least 90 lbs.  My friend is a dog trainer and he cannot believe it! It is very rare for these guys not to have constant itchies. I really believe my baby is so very healthy due to the use of Nuvet vitamins. Thanks so much for making this product available to all of us who want our dogs to be as healthy as they can be.”

Jenifer Ghadanfar

“We have a five year old standard poodle … This dog was merely surviving until we starting giving him one wafer of NuVet Plus daily. After six months, … he is strong, healthy and full of vitality. His coat is shiny and he has built up a lot of lost muscle. He runs up and down a mountain with us for 45 minutes every day. We would recommend NuVet Plus to anyone who wants a strong, healthy, happy dog. It is well worth every penny.”

Glen & Jackie Cheney

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