What Are The Best Nuvet Supplements For Dogs?

Grocery stores and pharmacies are full of vitamins and supplements for men, women and children alike. People are becoming more interested in taking supplements than they were decades ago. As a pet owner, you will naturally want the best for your pet. Just like you’ll want to maintain optimal health, your pet’s health should be important to you too.  Quality vitamins are an important piece of a terrific supplement.   They are essential for your body, and they are also essential for your pets. When these vitamins are not received from a daily diet, they need to be supplemented.

If you want to give your pet vitamins, you need to understand what is involved, so you end up giving them the appropriate amount.   Something that should be a good thing can potentially become harmful to your pet.

Nuvet Vitamins 101

Vitamins are substances that are required for the sustenance of life. Your pet needs vitamins for healthy growth and well-being. The most common vitamins are vitamin A, B, B-6, B-12, C, D, E, K, and choline. The vitamin needs of pets are different from the vitamin needs of human. You should check with your veterinarian.

Recommended Vitamins For Pets

1) Vitamin A

Nuvet vitamin A is important for maintaining good vision. It can help to improve the growth, cell function and immune function of your pet.  A pregnant pet can benefit from vitamin A since it can help fetal development.

2) Vitamin B

This isn’t just one vitamin. It encompasses of a group of vitamins that play major roles in the health of your dog. From energy regulation to metabolism regulation, vitamin B is a good supplement for your dog.  A component of vitamin B known as thiamine can activate ion channels in neural tissue. Vitamin B6 can aid in the generation of glucose and red blood cells as well as regulating hormones, immune response and gene activation. Other types of vitamin B have their roles to play in the body of your pet.

3) Vitamin C

A good antioxidant that you can give to your pet is vitamin C. It promotes cognitive health and a better quality of life. Although the body of a dog can synthesize vitamin C, supplementation can be beneficial to keep your pet’s health at an optimum level.

4) Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a major role in the development and maintenance of healthy muscles and bones, and allows your pet to properly balance calcium and phosphorus within their body.

Some other vitamins your pet may need are vitamins E, K and choline. As always, make sure you discuss with your vet before you give your pet any nuvet vitamin. Your veterinarian will be in the best position to diagnose any vitamin deficiency and recommend a dose of vitamin that will be appropriate.

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