Tips to Safely Trim a Dog’s Nails

Clipping a dog’s nails can be a tedious job for many dog owners. While some dogs may willingly oblige, many others are completely resistant. In either case, it’s important to be cautious with your pooch’s nails and following some safety tips may help keep your pet’s paws up to par.

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1. A clotting powder is something to have on hand before you begin trimming your dog’s nails. This hopefully will be just a precaution, but if you do end up needing it, you will be happy that it is close by and accessible.

2. Sharp clippers is the first step to dog nail cutting. Sharp clippers allow you to quickly, accurately, and precisely trim nails. Also, a quicker cut may be beneficial when dealing with a fussier dog’s manicure.

3. Avoid cutting the quick in your dog’s nail. The quick is the vein that runs down your pooch’s nail. This can typically be seen in dog’s nails that are light in color, however can be difficult when cutting darker nails. The quick will bleed when cut or nicked and it typically is difficult to stop.

4. If your dog has a dew claw, make sure you trim that as well. These can sometimes get overlooked and become overgrown. After trimming the dew claw, make sure that it is smoothly trimmed and not rough or ragged. While cleaning themselves dogs sometimes use their front leg as a tool. In turn, the dew claw is used as well. If the dew claw is not trimmed properly or is sharp, your dog can scrape their face or cut themselves with it. Filing can help remove a rough nail, which leads into the next tip.

5. Filing dog your dog’s nails is another way to help keep them at a comfortable length. Filing has an added bonus as well since it helps smooth the nails, which may help with the scratching of surfaces and your dog’s skin as well.

If your dog is relentless and still won’t allow you to trim their nails, a visit to the vet or groomer may be unavoidable. Either way you choose to care for your pup’s paws, it’s important to maintain their nails regularly as part of their routine care.

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