Top 5 Beaches for you and your Dog

Whatever season it is, it’s always fun to go to the beach. And what could be more exciting than bringing your pet with you? Luckily, you can always take your dog with you when going to the beach. Give your canine buddy a special treat and have a great time together at the most beautiful and most captivating beaches in the country.

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Cannon Beach at Oregon

If fresh air and plenty of exercise is what you’re looking for, this beach is certainly the place to be. The space is wide enough for your dog and he will surely love the sand and the giant rock formations. However, your dog needs to be leashed and his voice must be under control.

Fort de Soto Park at St. Petersburg, Florida

Your dog will have more freedom here since your dog will be allowed to roam around a certain portion of the beach without a leash. If your dog is a small breed dog, he can still play safely with the other dogs since they have a separate fence away from the large ones.

Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area at Manasquan, New Jersey

Like most beaches, your dog is very much welcome here but with his leash on. Nonetheless, you’ll still have a great time watching the panoramic view of this beach.

The Original Dog Beach at San Diego, California

Dogs of all sizes, colors, shapes and breeds are welcome in this beach. This is actually why it’s called ”The Original Dog Beach.” What’s more fun is that your pet can roam around the beach without his leash.

Oak Island Beaches at Wilmington, North Carolina

This beach is very family-friendly and at the same time dog-friendly. Your pet will surely enjoy hanging around the beach while bathing in the sea and playing with natural toys in the water. In the end, it’s not just your pet that will have fun; you will also love staying in this beach as it will help you relax and have quality time with your beloved pet.