Top 5 Things to do before you Bring your New Kitty Home

A kitten is a great addition to your family. Those soft lovely furs and expressive eyes are absolutely irresistible and you sure can’t wait to bring that cute kitty home. However, you have to prepare some important things before you bring a new kitten home. Here’s how you can get everything ready.

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Make Sure the House is Safe for Kitty

Before you bring your kitten home, make sure that the entire house is safe for your new pet. Secure all harmful chemicals in a cupboard and keep all medicines in a safe place. Also make sure that all screens and windows are secure. Put away all sharp and shiny objects that may be harmful to your pet when ingested. Lastly, get rid of any holes or openings where your kitten can get stuck in.

Prepare Everybody for Kitty’s Arrival

Not everyone will be happy having a kitten around. However, you can do something about it by helping them understand the joy and benefits of having a little furry pet at home. Kids will surely be happy, but let them know that like humans, kittens will grow up too.

Take your Kitten to a Veterinarian

Before you take her home, take your kitten to a veterinarian first. It is very important so your cat can have essential tests and vaccinations. Make sure that your cat is in perfect condition before you welcome her home.

Prepare All the Things your Kitten will need

There are lots of things that your kitten will need once you bring her home. Thus, stuff your kitchen with cat foods and treats that are all appropriate for your cat’s breed. Prepare other essentials like food dish, water dish, scooper, cat litter, kitty tower, cat toys and grooming essentials as well.

Take Things Slow

There’s no point rushing things once your kitty arrives. Take things slowly and be patient with your kitten. It will take time for your little cat to get comfortable with her new home so don’t rush her or force her to do certain things. Also, remind your family members, especially the kids, that they also have to take good care of your new pet.


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