Top 5 Things you Probably Didn’t Know about Beagles

Recently, Miss P, an adorable beagle bagged the title ”Best in Show” in a dog contest hosted by the Westminster Kennel Club. She is the second beagle to bag this priceless award next to her great uncle Uno. This is perhaps because of their natural appeal and charm. However, there probably are many things that you didn’t know about beagles apart from their charming looks.

In this article, we try to list down some of them.

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  • They are Known as a Scent Hound

Beagles are one of the dogs that have strong sense of smell. They are known as a scent hound and often, they help hunters get their preys such as foxes and rabbits. Instead of relying on their eyes, beagles tend to use their strong sense of smell when following animals.

  • Their Ears are Powerful

Like their nose, their ears are also powerful. In point of fact, their ears are the ones which help trap scents and keep them close to their nose. Their big ears set them apart from other breed dogs which make them look more adorable.

  • They are Highly Independent

Beagles love being surrounded by other dogs and even by humans. However, they are highly independent because of their strong sense of smell. Because of this trait, beagles are somewhat hard to train. Nonetheless, they are good followers once you catch their attention.

  • They are Family Oriented

Apart from being friendly to humans, beagles are very attached to their families. They want to take good care of their children and share with them every treat they get from their pet owners. Certainly, beagles are for keeps as they are not aggressive like other dogs.

  • They are Strong and Healthy

Another good reason to love beagles is that it is much easier to take care of them than other dogs. Essentially, they are naturally healthy and strong so you will always have a great time playing with them. Nonetheless, you still have to watch their health regularly.

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